Frequently Asked Questions

The Artist

Do you do commission work? If so, how much do they generally cost?

Currently, I am not accepting commissions but will sometime in the future. It’s impossible to determine the cost without knowing the context of the commission. I will have more information on my blog about commissions when I start taking commissions in the future.

Do you speak at events? If so, what subjects do you speak about?

I generally speak about Internet marketing for businesses, artists, and photographers. But I can speak on a variety of other topics with regards to creativity. Email me about your business or organization and I’ll be happy to give you some input. If you need me to speak at your event, we can work out the costs through a simple form.

Are you currently teaching classes?

Right now I am not but would love to do small teaching events in the near future. I will also be offering a subscription part of my website sometime in 2018 that will be full of content to learn some of my techniques.

I am a model and want to work with you? What do I need to do?

The short answer is to send me an email that you’re interested. I’ll send you some information on working with me.

Do you have a schedule of events you will be at in the future?

I love my studio, and I run a thriving Internet marketing agency. Unfortunately (and fortunately), I don’t have a lot of time to attend events unless I’m booked for the event by an organization. If I am going to be attending a public event in the future, I will put the information on this site and on Instagram – @abguerraartist

The Store

How often will you put new paintings in the store?

Starting in 2018, I will post one to three new pieces in my store per week.

What’s the fastest way to get a notification that you have a new original in your store?

The first thing you should do is subscribe to my newsletter/blog. When you subscribe, I will send an email out announcing the new artwork 12 to 24 hours before I post it on Instagram. Plus, if you subscribe, you will get a 10% coupon for your first order. The second thing you should do is follow me on Instagram. It’s always the first platform to know about new artwork. The third thing you can do is keep checking back to my store throughout the week. I’ll always post the artwork first before I announce it.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. If you’re interested in purchasing an original or limited edition through a payment plan arrangement, I’m good if the artwork is valued at over $500. Email me, and I’ll give you more information.

Do you offer custom size open editions?

I have that ability. Email me with the size you would like to purchase (up to 56” on the longest side), and I’ll condition the store to allow you to go in and make your purchase. If you want a particular size, you must order it within 24 hours once I place the size on the website. After 24 hours, the option will be removed. NOTE: Most of my work is available in the largest size print available, however, some pieces aren’t. I will let you know the flexibility of size for a particular print when you email me.

Do you offer quantity discounts if I order a bunch of prints?

I offer discounts only if you have a discount code. I do not offer one-off discounts.

Do you have a lab that fulfills orders?

Yes. All open editions are fulfilled by my lab. Originals, limited editions, and products are fulfilled by me because they require personal signatures and handling.

What is the print run of your limited editions and do you usually offer them in varying sizes?

Print runs are usually limited to 25 or 50. They are all signed, numbered and shipped to you with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes. Here’s the short version:
• All “products” are refundable if they are returned within 14 days. A 10% restocking fee will be charged for the return. Products consist of any product that is not an original, limited edition or open edition prints. Examples are coffee mugs, drumsticks, books, etc.
• All sales of open editions, limited editions and originals are final and non-returnable.

Note: All returns require an authorization of return. Please email to request a return authorization. The product must be undamaged to receive a refund. If you receive a damaged product, please email us with pictures of the damage. We will give you a return authorization, and once we receive the damaged product from you, we will ship a replacement as soon as possible.